The Importance of Communicating Expectations in Marriage

Communicating Expectations in Marriage and Diffusing Confusion     First let me tell you why I’m writing this.  I have experienced firsthand, secondhand, and seen from afar the error of avoiding communication about expectations in marriage. I have been in more than one relationship where marriage boundaries have been tapped, so I speak from experience and observation.   Marriages are crushed because the expectations stay anonymous, and couples are “shooting in the dark”!   Have you ever tried to shoot a gun at a target you can’t see?  Have you ever tried to cook without a physical sense of awareness?  Have […]


6 Tips For Creating a Schedule and Increasing Productivity

How I Created a Schedule to Increase Productivity, and How you can do it too!     I haven’t always had a schedule, but when I created one, my productivity skyrocketed. In the world of writing, they have the plotters and pantsers.  The plotters are the ones who plan their story.  They write scenes, and plan each one.  The pantsers put their pen to their paper, and let their story flow without planning.   In life, I was a seasoned “pantser”.  I knew what tasks I wanted to get accomplished in a day, and I would bounce on each of […]

From A Black, Military Veteran, Christian: My Opinion on Obama

What I Think About Obama: America’s Most Iconic President       First, let me say…this is my OPINION.  I know there are alot of emotions surrounding Obama and politics as a whole.  Nowadays people get so butt-hurt over opinions.  Well, guess what?  I have an opinion, and it may not be yours.       My opinion is an educated opinion based on reading, listening to the mainstream media, listening to freelance media, watching documentaries, watching the White House Youtube channel, and serving 9 years in the military–where government legislation directly affected my livelihood.  My opinion is based on […]

my opinion on obama

almost rape

Almost Rape: What I Did When He Was Tryin’ To “Take My Goods Without Askin’ For Em”!

My Story of Almost Rape and Examining the Right Time to put up a Fight     I can’t say I’ve ever been raped, but boy, did I come close before.  He was tryin’ to “take my goods”!  It was almost rape and it was SUPER scary.  He was a stranger…somebody I did not know for a whole 30 minutes!   It happened while I was in Iraq.  I was in a war zone, but I have a way of “staying in a bubble”.  Some people would say I’m naive.  Others would say I’m gullible.  I would say I’m in […]