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Bible prophesy and Bible studies for application to our daily lives are shown here, so you can be strengthened as you seek King Jesus first, and carry out His orders.

Shofar Blasts: Revelation 8-10 and the 7 shofars


Discussing Revelation 8-10 and the 7 Shofar Blasts       Let us sound the shofar!  With the churning of world events, it is very evident that the world is not going to remain in its current state much longer.  We see internationally, governments and citizens are turning in rebellion against God, they are mistaking His grace with a license to do whatever they like, and if we desire to be recipients of God’s blessings, we need to prepare: by knowing what is to come in prophecy and by making emergency preparedness preparations.  Let us sound the shofar!   Most…
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How The Modern-Day Church Is Disowning The Spirit of the Law (The Messiah)


Discussing The Conflicting Views of God’s Law between the Modern (New Covenant Church) with the Remnant of Old If the law of God (written in the books of Moses) WAS NOT complained about by those in the Old Covenant (with the exception of those in rebellion or unbelievers), why is it complained about by those that “say” they are a part of the new covenant? I hear new testament Christians say the law is “work”, “bondage”, or “I’m saved by grace”, and they undermine that obedience to God’s law is a VITAL ingredient for salvation. As the prophets Isaiah, Ezekial,…
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Revelation 7: 144,000 Sealed and The Greater Esther Story

revelation 7

Discussing Revelation 7, the 144,000 and the Greater Esther Story         In America today, many marriages do not work because of a failure in the process to pick the spouse.  Some people have no standard for a spouse in advance, so they pick based on the people that approach them.  Others hire a matchmaker–internet databases, parents, friends, or other trusted advisors to pick a spouse for them.  Marriages can succeed or fail based on the whether the criteria for the spouse is well thought out and adhered to.  Values, economic class, religion, family heritage, field of employment,…
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The Sixth Seal: Revelation 6, Comets, and Earthquakes

sixth seal

Discussing Revelation 6 and the Sixth Seal         Many people have made money from false interpretations of Bible prophecy by manipulating fragments of the sixth seal prophecy, and applying it out of chronology and context.  If you read the Bible, you can see beyond the manipulation of scripture, and know that it will be VERY apparent when He has returned.  After seals one thru five which we discussed in prior posts, Revelation 6:12-17, the sixth seal, tells of very obvious signs.  It says:     “When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and there came a…
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Death: Revelation 6 and the 4th Seal


Discussing The Fourth Seal of Revelation 6 and its Rider: Death     Have you noticed that being healthy is uncommon?  Have you noticed the increasing death rates over the last two millennia since Yeshua left the Earth while the science and medical industries are giving unfulfilled promises of reversing it?  Based on current archaeological finds, we believe this generation has the most technology in all of history, but the average lifespans in this millennia do not nearly mimic those of the first two.  Today, many people go to the doctors to hear a diagnosis and are told that will…
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War: Revelation 6 and the Second Seal


Discussing War, Revelation 6, The Second Seal, and it’s Impact On You         Since war has been an ongoing phenomena of our time, many people have a short-sighted look at history, and underestimate the biblical prophecy spoken by Yeshua in Matthew 24 or John thru the removal of the second seal in Revelation 6.  They watch our news which inflates world division, and follow the boat wagon of the latest race-baiter, the newest technology, or the most charismatic “peace” speech.  Let’s discuss how wars and rumors of war have changed in scope and influence over our 6000+…
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False Messiahs: Revelation 6 and The First Seal

First seal

Discussing the Breaking of the First Seal, False Messiahs, and False Peace Agendas       In the last post, we discussed how the title deed of the world is being transferred to Yeshua.  Yeshua has not fulfilled everything that is prophesied in the Bible YET.  He came first as a servant, atonement sacrifice, and the prophet that Moses spoke of in Deuteronomy 18, but when he returns, he will come as Messiah, world judge, and eternal King of the World.  As is culturally consistent, when a bridegroom has betrothed his bride, he must go prepare a place for his…
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