Why spend on things that will not profit you? Here, I will share ways make more money, save more money, and grow more money.

Seven Figures in Seven Years: A 7 Step Automatic Wealth System for Average People with Above Average Motivation

seven figures in seven years

  You may have heard the scripture, “It’s easier for a camel to get thru the hole of a needle than for a rich man to get into Heaven,” and decided that even the aspiration to acquire wealth is dirty,  or unethical.  Maybe you simply think aspiring to wealth is just too steep a goal.  Accumulating wealth can enable you to do many ethical things, and it can be done in ethical ways.  On the opposite side, you may have clicked on this blog post with absolutely no shame towards wealth accumulation, and you want to dive right into how…
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My Mystery Shopping Epic Fail: 3 Things I Did and How You Can Do Better!

mystery shopping

Have you been hearing about the side hustle mystery shopping?  Have you heard people say they are making $400-1000 over the weekend?  Have you thought in your mind, “It would be nice to have even an extra $100 or more?”.   I thought the same thing!   I’ve been reading personal finance blogs–from sites I consider credible like Michelle Gardner, the Penny Hoarder, and others.  They have given me some great tips on how to make more money, how to save more money, and other great ideas.  A common thing I saw many of them doing in their spare time…
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Billcutterz Review: How A Third Party Negotiator Can Save You Thousands on Normal Bills!


    I told you in my post on my January Goals that I am planning to make more money, save more money, cut expenses, develop as a businesswoman, mom, and wife.  I was much more specific in my post, but that’s the overview.  To read the specifics, you can check them out here.   As I’ve been on my pursuit to fulfill my goals, I came across a post on Pinterest about Saving Thousands of Dollars on normal bills.  Similar to you reading this post or hearing this information for the first time, my eyes were bulging.  It’s real….
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7 Tips To Slash Your Grocery Budget in Half (Without Coupons)!

cut grocery budget

  Your grocery budget can be a huge percentage of your income.  Mine has ranged up to 15% of my income!  According to, my grocery spending was normal.  They say, the average household is spending 11-15% of their incomes on food.   Can you imagine what we could do if we had even 7.5% of our incomes or if we slashed our grocery budgets in half?!!!   Many financial advisors recommend putting 15% of your income into retirement or for your children’s school fund, so cutting your grocery budget could enable a way to begin saving or investing.  It could…
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5 Things You Should Invest in While Living Paycheck to Paycheck

  Many people think that since they live paycheck to paycheck, they can’t begin investing.  While they may not be ready to invest in real estate, retirement, or annuities, there are some investments that should be made while living paycheck to paycheck in order to break the cycle.   I don’t discuss these things out of lack of familiarity.  I’ve “been there and done that”.  I know how it feels to have no peace of mind knowing if your next paycheck does not come, you and your family will not be financially secure.  You make decisions out of desperation rather…
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How I got weeks of children’s activities for $20!

children's activities

Stretching the Dollar on Children’s Activities and Keeping The Kids Occupied       If you’ve put the thrift store idea in the back of your go-to rolodex, you may have to dust that one off!  I had not been to the thrift store in quite a while.  I left my humble beginnings for a period of time, and my pockets had enough volume in them (or so I thought) that I stopped going to the thrift store.  It wasn’t a conscious decision to stop “thrifting”.  It happened over time that I stopped going to the thrift store.  I felt…
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How To Overcome Lack

7 Tips From My Upcoming Book, “Behold! The Powers Of A Prosperous Mind”     Ever felt the need to move towards your dream but looking around your external circumstances, you feel like you are lacking the required resources? Can you remember the last time you were depressed because you really wanted something, but there was no money? Remember the disappointment you felt in yourself? Did your mind start to tell you that you somehow fell short of your own self-goals and worth?   Lack breeds sadness, depression, low self-worth, and when prolonged can breed pour health. Google defines “lack”…
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