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January 2018 Goals: Slashing Debt, Making More Money, and Growing in Character

January Goals

  I plan to do something a little different.  As a Christian Lifestyle Blog, I think it’s important not only to discuss spiritual matters, but to hold one another accountable on a practical level.   Accountability is missing in many areas of the church because acceptance and tolerance is being mixed with grace, but they are all different.  I plan to publically announce my goals and milestones to encourage you to make goals to keep goals, and to continually move forward: closer and closer to your destiny.  We each have a responsibility in the world; some way that we leave…
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Is There A Difference Between Seeing in the Spirit and Your Imagination?


Discussing The Role of Your Imagination When Seeing In The Spirit       Many very famous teachers are encouraging the use of the imagination in manifestation (me included).  The imagination is a powerful tool we  use to create.  However, many New Age, Law of Attraction scholars, meditation teachers, and even Bible scholars teach about the absolute use of the imagination and use the term, “seeing in the spirit” interchangeably.  When you perceive your imagination and seeing in the spirit as the same thing, you are not grasping everything that can be seen in the spirit.  Sit back, grab some…
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4 Things To Avoid If You Want To Cancel Poverty Curses And Align With Biblical Prosperity Blessings

Discussing The Most Common Reasons That People Cannot Crack The Curse Of Poverty and Receive Their Promised Prosperity     Debt, financial instability, and living paycheck to paycheck are all manifestations of the curse of poverty.  Many people miss God’s blessings of abundance because they are distracted by the noise surrounding prosperous Christian and Jewish people.   The Bible shows that everything comes from a seed from front to back (Genesis to Revelations).  Plants, animals, and people all come from seeds.  Favor, honor, wisdom, and faith also come from seeds.     Satan is not attacking the majority of us…
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The Power of The Tongue

Discussing Your Tongue: Your Utmost Tool To Create or Destroy       The tongue has been used to unite and divide, to uplift and tear down, to birth and to kill.  Many people underestimate the mightiest weapon they have been given, and rightfully so.  The kingdom of darkness attempts to fool you into thinking that by your arms or legs, you can defend yourself.  Every self-defense course on the planet teaches how to kick and punch, but not very many of them specialize in how to use words to fight battles, and the most fiercest battle comes thru using…
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What No One Is Telling You About How A Study Of Church History Can Change Your Life

church history

Discussing How Church History Can Prepare You For Today and Tomorrow         After Revelations, many people have not studied church history to see if this reaction has continued, and therefore, most are not reminded of the seriousness of true communion with God.  Many prophets throughout the Bible foretold an end to the world as we presently know it, and this end came with signs.  Do you know what they are?  Have you seen them popping up throughout our world?  Have you paid attention?  Well, now is the time, you MUST know what is going on in your…
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How The Western Church Looks Today and How That Effects You

Discussing The Western Church and Decisions You Need To Make TODAY   Maybe you have been raised in the western church, and have not known otherwise.  If this is so, you have never seen or experienced the horrific persecution that others have experienced in other countries simply for standing up for what they believe.  You are probably very detached from the strong decisions that the protestants who founded America stood strongly for. They stood for religious freedom in the founding of America; yet many leaders in diplomacy today are fighting to take those freedoms away.  Get ready for some strong…
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How To Develop Strategic Alliances

6 Ways To Build Strategic Alliances       “A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.” Proverbs 18:16 Many people underestimate the power of strategic alliances.  One strategic alliances can drastically push you to a different level of growth (economically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, etc.).  This quantum leap can be good or bad.  Strategic alliances can be worth more than money because they can yield so much benefit even generations after your gone.   The Bible tells of an orphan named Esther.  She was raised by a family member named Mordecai.  She was…
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