From A Black, Military Veteran, Christian: My Opinion on Obama

What I Think About Obama: America’s Most Iconic President





First, let me say…this is my OPINION.  I know there are alot of emotions surrounding Obama and politics as a whole.  Nowadays people get so butt-hurt over opinions.  Well, guess what?  I have an opinion, and it may not be yours.  



My opinion is an educated opinion based on reading, listening to the mainstream media, listening to freelance media, watching documentaries, watching the White House Youtube channel, and serving 9 years in the military–where government legislation directly affected my livelihood.  My opinion is based on the affairs of the country during his eight year term (legislation, foreign affairs, and homeland security); not how he marketed his family and his kindness.



Let me start with saying what I loved.  I loved the image that was broadcasted: how it appeared that he treated his wife, how it appeared that his family dynamics were, how he appeared reachable to people of all ages, how he recognized milestones for many people (funerals, graduations, pep rallies, church services, etc.).  



The things that I loved, however, had very little to do with the change needed in the country, the country’s direction toward biblical prophecy (a one world government and increasing lawlessness), and the country’s moral compass.



I can admit that healthcare was a benefit for many people (me included).  I can admit that social services help many people (me included).  I can admit birth control helps in certain scenarios, and I can admit that some scenarios where women get pregnant and desire abortion are very traumatic.



However, should the government be the savior in all of the instances that many people are requesting they should be?  I think not.



The more the government provides, the more dependent you become on them, and the greater advantage to dangle you into immorality they have.  Before I continue, I need you to position your perception in the Bible rather than in your feelings or your personal benefit.  Now, let me ask you some questions:



  • Of all of the world empires: Egypt, Assyria, Medo-Persia, Greece, Babylon, Rome, or Britain, and now America/The United Nations (all who offer/offered social services and massive benefits), which would lead you closer to God if you depended on them to do so?
  • Of all of the historic empires (listed in the last question), which was seen as godly because of increased social services?
  • In any instance has God been satisfied with killing of babies?
  • In any instance is God ever satisfied with homosexuality?
  • In any instance, do you think God desires for his children to participate in the manifestation of Satan’s plan towards the fulfillment of Bible prophecy (one world government, increased lawlessness, increase in bad health, increase in government authority, decrease in personal liberty, etc.)



God gave some STRONG warnings about mixing good with evil.  If it’s evil, we are supposed to call it evil.  If it’s good, we are supposed to call it good.  We cannot overlook 100 evils to make note of one good.  We can’t overlook Israel’s increased mistrust of America, our deployments all over the world to “find weapons of mass destruction, increase in racial war, passed gay marriage laws, and say, “look at how he exemplified a black family”.  No!  We can’t sweep all of that under the rug.  We can’t fit all of that under the rug.  The rug is no longer fitting on the floor.



America strongly parallels the world empires that have fallen prior.  They attempt to provide the same social services as the preceding governments, they attempt to tolerate sin as preceding empires, they advocate for sin saying, “they should have a choice”, or “we can’t stop them anyway”.  The fact is…just because we have no control over someone else’s will DOES NOT mean we legalize sin.



The things I have against the Obama administration (who I know are puppets of world bankers) is:



  • The Iran deal and its effect on Israel



Why would you (in your right mind) give 150 billion dollars to the country that is the most hostile to your ally?  If Israel is truly an American ally, why would our leaders do that?  It has to be because that administration did not see Israel as an ally OR, even worse, because that administration wanted to empower the enemy.  Look how President Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, feels about the Iran deal (which Obama negotiated):





  • The decrease in military size while increasing foreign war-related efforts



I was in the military while massive cuts were taking place.  Standards were increasing and people were losing their livelihoods for no good reason.  Simultaneously, if you observe (rather than depending on lies from the media), we did not completely pull out of Iraq or Afghanistan (as Obama promised), we began going to Syria, we still have people on every continent, and we continue to send people all over with no significant benefit to the common American.  



We are forwarding the agenda of the one world government.  We are not solely deploying people all over the world for oil, or for “weapons of mass destruction”.  America and the UN is participating in the luciferian agenda to manifest a one world government as stated in Revelation.  I guarantee they will be successful soon, however, I cannot pledge my allegiance or support to a government administration that aligns themself with this effort.  If you’re a Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador too, why are you aligning yourself that way?  That’s unbiblical!



  • Increased “humanitarian efforts” that debilitated other countries rather than empowering them



Before I explain this, you have to test the media, and verify whether what they broadcast is true.  If your allegiance to the media is too strong, anything that I write in this post will fall on dumb ears.  Now, let me continue…



We (America/UN) are sending people thru charities and humanitarian efforts to other countries.  The Obama administration sent many people.  The vaccinations that we have given have been shown to cause health ailments, the guns that we provide have been identified as having been distributed to terrorist organizations, the food we have sent has been identified as unhealthy and genetically modified.  We broadcast that we are doing something good or “nice”, but when you look under the rug, we swept evil underneath it!  We are saying we are doing something good, but our results are bad!



  • The coverup of Hillary Clinton and all of her evil



Again, if your allegiance is to the television media or their websites, you will never believe Hillary has done evil things.  She has killed people to cover up her or her husband’s evil, she has discarded of thousands of email which prove her unethical and illegal participation in overthrowing governments that are no harm to America, she has interfered with the relationship of Bill and his African American son, she blackmails politicians, and she threatens the women who her husband has victimized to keep them silent.  Anyone who chooses to look over all of her wrongs, and still think of her as a good leader….I have no words, but the Bible does.  


She is a modern day Jezebel.  Bill is a modern day Ahab.  They have a trail of sexual abuse vitcims, and even kill to cover their wrongs.  Revelation 2:20 says, “But I have this against you: that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess [claiming to be inspired], and who is teaching and leading astray my servants and beguiling them into practicing sexual vice and eating food sacrificed to idols.”  I understand that they may have been better politicians than others, but that doesn’t make them good.  Jesus warned his people not to even TOLERATE Jezebel.  Yet, many tolerate and even support a woman who has done worse than Israel’s queen Jezebel.  Evil is evil.  Good is good.  Our government is in line with the previous world empires and is participating as a horn of the Revelation 13 beast.  They use the appealing strategies of Mystery Babylon to carry out the deceitful work; succeeding in distracting many (even Bible readers and prayer warriors).


Sidenote: Here is an interview with Bill Clinton’s abandoned African American son.  See how he thinks about her:



  • The funding of efforts that destabilize other countries like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere we go



I went to Iraq.  I observed the affairs with my eyes.  I saw that they did not have the capabilities to war with America, and they surely don’t have the capabilities to war with the UN.  They created bombs of briefcases, soda cans, and they strapped kits onto people.  



America has much stronger technology.  I saw massive technology with my own eyes.  To put it into context, I will explain a little of the dynamics like this…



I live down the street from a military base.  They practice firing guns and throwing bombs weekly.  Where the practices take place is in a highly secure forested area.  The bombs are thrown something like about 10 miles from my house.  When a PRACTICE bomb goes off, it shakes my house and makes car alarms go off in my neighborhood.  Let me remind you…I am talking about a PRACTICE bomb 10 miles away!  America is capable of blowing up continents while Iraq (and the others) are barely capable of blowing up 100 mile wide bases.  It’s not a fair battle.  It’s not a battle at all.  It is an effort to create a submissive country who will participate as told in the one world government efforts.



  • The increase in dependence and decrease in options to empower people to become independent



Our education system does not teach our kids how to make money and support their families.  Our education system barely teaches our kids to get a job, and it definitely does not teach our kids to run a business if they desire to do so.  Families across America are struggling because of the decrease in quality education.  As a result of the lack of good education, many people find themselves on social services while they struggle their way to an idea or education that gives them the ability to support their families.



Added onto that dynamic, we have generations of people who do not know better than to apply for government benefits and coast thru life.  Every one of God’s creations is brought here with capabilities!  As much as I love having free things (healthcare, money, food, or anything else), when the benefit is dangled and I lose the benefit once I hit a certain income level, it stagnates us from pursuing things that would tap into our potential.  We are stopped from hitting the desperate moment that forces us to thrive or fall.  America has become like the parent that spoils their child.  The child will never be independent or able to self-sustain UNLESS you empower them, and let them face difficult times.  Many Americans have not tapped into their potential because America has provided a crutch.



  • The increase in jobs that left the country due to legislation that made it more beneficial for businesses to conduct affairs elsewhere



High property taxes, high business taxes, high sales taxes, insurance galore (business insurance, auto insurance, licensure, workman’s comp, etc.), and high responsibility placed on business owners for employee shortcomings (mistakes unrelated to employer shortcomings) would cause any business owner with sense to leave ESPECIALLY when you can go to another country without all the expenses, and sell in America without the challenges.



I think about the hardship America has placed on the small business owner every day.  Workman’s comp is 20% of your payroll!  I have had employees who make mistakes on the job, get hurt, and want to blame me.  If I provided safety measures, why is it my fault that their hurt?  That is ludacris!  As a small business owner, I have to overcome many hurdles in America that a small business owner in another country would not have to deal with.



The Obama administration made life harder for the up and coming small business owner.



Ultimately, I strongly disliked the influence of the Obama Administration.  I understand that Obama himself did not have sole influence.  Rather, the bankers who fund the government control the government and play with democrat and republican puppets the same.  However, I was highly disappointed that a man who seemed so relatable would bow to the luciferian alliance in the American government.



Your welcome to disagree.  I don’t want to only hear compatible opinions, but I do want respect for EVERY opinion.
I just told you my opinion of the Obama administration, what’s yours?  Leave your comments below, and sign up <<HERE>> if you would like you receive updates from this blog.

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