Almost Rape: What I Did When He Was Tryin’ To “Take My Goods Without Askin’ For Em”!

My Story of Almost Rape and Examining the Right Time to put up a Fight     I can’t say I’ve ever been raped, but boy, did I come close before.  He was tryin’ to “take my goods”!  It was almost rape and it was SUPER scary.  He was a stranger…somebody I did not know for a whole 30 minutes!   It happened while I was in Iraq.  I was in a war zone, but I have a way of “staying in a bubble”.  Some people would say I’m naive.  Others would say I’m gullible.  I would say I’m in […]

almost rape


What I do when I’m MAD at someone I love!

5 Things You Can Do Before You Let Ugly Out, Or When Your Mad, And Need To Put Her Away     Disclaimer: I have used grammatical liberties in this text.  While writing this, I am being 100% real, and when doing so, I tend to dialogue with my own grammatical flavor.  Please, put your red editing pen away.  It will not be needed here.  Thanks in advance.  You can proceed to reading now…   I know maybe you don’t get THAT mad.  You may be thinking that I’m backslidden, but I don’t think I am.  I still read my […]

How I got pregnant after 5+ years of waiting

  7 Things to do when you want to be pregnant   (Photo above: My husband and I at 35 weeks pregnant.  Three weeks before giving birth to my baby girl!)   I’m writing this to encourage the women who are waiting to conceive.  Not every woman will lay with her husband for the first time and become pregnant.  Some will not conceive after the second, third, or even one-hundredth time having sex!  I was one of the women who laid with my husband for years and did not get pregnant.     When you look around and see other […]

How I got pregnant after 5+ years of waiting

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How I got weeks of children’s activities for $20!

Stretching the Dollar on Children’s Activities and Keeping The Kids Occupied       If you’ve put the thrift store idea in the back of your go-to rolodex, you may have to dust that one off!  I had not been to the thrift store in quite a while.  I left my humble beginnings for a period of time, and my pockets had enough volume in them (or so I thought) that I stopped going to the thrift store.  It wasn’t a conscious decision to stop “thrifting”.  It happened over time that I stopped going to the thrift store.  I felt […]