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The Importance of Communicating Expectations in Marriage

Communicating Expectations in Marriage and Diffusing Confusion     First let me tell you why I’m writing this.  I have experienced firsthand, secondhand, and seen from afar the error of avoiding communication about expectations in marriage. I have been in more than one relationship where marriage boundaries have been tapped, so I speak from experience and observation.   Marriages are crushed because the expectations stay anonymous, and couples are “shooting in the dark”!   Have you ever tried to shoot a gun at a target you can’t see?  Have you ever tried to cook without a physical sense of awareness?  Have…
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12 Undeniable Laws For Marriage

Learn Practical Tips To Bring Happy Marriage Back From Extinction     For better or for worse is the world’s most difficult contract to live up to.  In employment, you can quit.  In parenthood, the children grow up and live on their own.  With customers, you can choose not to service those that are difficult to collaborate with, but with marriage, you are supposed to stay together forever: “Until death do you part”.  Loving a person without conditions can be difficult.  Investing despite the fact that the person does not invest equally in return can be difficult.  Compromising when you…
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