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Do These Things When Your Marriage Is Heavily Seasoned With Brokenness

marriage and brokenness

Restoring Hope To Push Thru Seasons of Brokenness     Have you ever been to someone’s house and ate a meal that had WAY too much seasoning?  Maybe it was salt and it made you clench your jaws, or maybe it was spicy pepper and it sent you to the bathroom.  The bottom line is too much seasoning is uncomfortable.   Often times when you hear people discuss marriage, they discuss solutions to marriage problems.  The reality is that not every problem will have a solution on this side of Heaven.  We are imperfect people and we commit to a…
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The Importance of Communicating Expectations in Marriage

Communicating Expectations in Marriage and Diffusing Confusion     First let me tell you why I’m writing this.  I have experienced firsthand, secondhand, and seen from afar the error of avoiding communication about expectations in marriage. I have been in more than one relationship where marriage boundaries have been tapped, so I speak from experience and observation.   Marriages are crushed because the expectations stay anonymous, and couples are “shooting in the dark”!   Have you ever tried to shoot a gun at a target you can’t see?  Have you ever tried to cook without a physical sense of awareness?  Have…
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