What is Life by God’s Design?

God’s Design and our Lives


“Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”
God's design

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Trends, responsibilities, obligations, deadlines, wants, needs, paradigms, and perspectives all constantly tug our attention away from God’s design.  Satisfying all of the tugs on our attention can take a lifetime.  If we don’t take time to consider, the design of God, we may live a life where we are answering distractions continually.  Even worse, we may leave the grave with untapped wealth that was supposed to be harvested for someone’s benefit.

Kim: The Empty and Lost woman


Growing up in a broken home, Kim was always told that she was worthless.  Her family told her that her life would amount to nothing.  Her parents both struggled with drugs.  They would leave Kim unsupervised from a very young age.  When Kim grew up, she had no appreciation for life.  She didn’t understand the purpose of her existence.  Since Kim always felt worthless and “in the way”, she wasted time exploring things that were toxic to her health.  She tried to find meaning thru sexual encounters, thru unhealthy friendships, and finally, she explored making a lot of money in hopes she could find meaning thru material.  Unfortunately, after several intimate relationships, many broken relationships, and amassed wealth beyond her spending capacity, she still felt empty and lost.

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Living by God’s Design Brings Fulfillment


Your life has a purpose because it was made by God’s design.  You may not have discovered this purpose, but God designed you with a goal in mind.  Identifying God’s design for your life is not a one-time venture, it is a lifetime journey of seeking and responding.  Your life is a building block towards eternity.  It offers so much satisfaction when you begin to identify how your block fits between history and the future.  Life has even more excitement when you begin to make baby steps from where you are into God’s design for your life.  You go from lost, dissatisfied, with low self worth, and little understanding of yourself into a goal-oriented, confident, and striving person.
Our inner being longs for a purposeful life.  We were created to know why we exist, and to maximize our potential.
The Bible tells us that God designed us as a potter forms his clay.  Pottery is such a delicate process; each stroke of the hand across the spinning clay causes an indentation that makes each piece unique.  You have a unique design and a unique outcome that can be yielded to benefit the world.

The Meaning of Living by God’s Design

Living a life by God’s design simply means acknowledging that we are managers of the gift of life, but we are not owners.  Similar to a person whom you may hire to manage your money, we should honor the principle that our life is an asset we did not earn, and we cannot control its length, depth, or breadth without God.  We are simply given the asset and the responsibility to steward it for a purpose beyond self-satisfaction by God’s design.
Living a life of God’s design isn’t just an “inner holiness” journey.  No.  It’s the “why” behind your economic decisions, the motivation for permanent health makeovers, the thing that ignites your passion in business, the binding agent in our relationships, and the ingredient that lifts conditions off of our love for others.  Living a life of God’s design carries an aura that transcends into every area of your life and magnetizes opportunity and people towards you.  God’s design for your life has practical benefits that you will experience from the moment you wake up until the moment you sleep IF you stay in harmony with Him.

The Results of Living a Life of God’s Design

Our inner beings experience satisfaction based on our harmony with God’s design.  If we satisfy Him, we feel our thirst for purpose deeply quenched.  If we don’t, we feel an inner longing (like something is missing).  We are deployed here to the Earth to yield results that satisfy our Father.  Rather than seeking to satisfy the current trends and social norms, living a life by God’s design means we focus our attention on why He created us (as unique individuals).  We focus on living our lives to satisfy the purpose for our creation.  By living our lives to satisfy our purpose, we experience greater fulfillment, satisfaction, sense of achievement, legacy, and more impact in our communities.


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